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Derek Slate

Editor and Founder

Derek Slate has quickly been recognized as one of the most successful IPO traders in the world. He has achieved this by deciding in 2008 to specialize in the Initial Public Offering business. Did you know that over 96% of all mutual funds and hedge funds cannot beat the S&P 500. The IPO Specialist has over doubled the S&P 500 returns since the trading service began in 2008. I am sure everyone would like to forget that horrible 2008 year, where the S&P 500 was down 38%, meanwhile IPO Specialist members enjoyed a 42% return that year. Thanks in large part to Visa (V), which turned a $40,814 investment Derek made into over $196,000 (a 481% return) currently (as of 2/21/18) and the stock has split 4 times since 2008. This is the power of investing in IPO’s, you are buying shares of these companies from the first time they have ever been publicly traded. Did you know that this is the only IPO trading service in the world that supplies you with when to buy, when to sell, the exact odds of having a winning trade, the average return you can expect from that trade, the average number of days you can expect to be in that particular trade, the amount of shares you should hold forever, and the amount of money you should put into each trade (based on your current balance).

This is all being done for you by the patent pending Matrix Rating System. The proprietary MRS is based on Derek Slate’s own fundamental analysis and in depth research of the particular IPO all done for you. All while strategically controlling your downside through trailing stops, and automatically locking in your gains, which dramatically reduces your daily risk. The trades are broken down for you into A trades, B trades, C trades, D trades, and S trades (speculative). Not only does this rating system supply you with all of this data, but it also breaks down all of the complicated financial information, and categorizes the trade for you. Before you even make the trade, you can decide whether you even want to place the trade that we are recommending. We make sure that you are in the cream of the crop of all the companies that go public. Derek completely agrees with Warren Buffett that around 90% of all IPO’s are bad investments. That is why we are keeping you in the top 10% of all companies going public. You can trust us to invest your hard-earned money into the next Apple, Walmart, Microsoft, Facebook, Visa, Google, and Amazon. Out of the over, 1,189 IPO’s have gone public since 2008. IPO Specialist members have participated in 183 trades, with 72% of those being winning trades. Every company is filtered through all 34 proven IPO trading rules. Which results in you having a winning trade over 70% of the time. The IPO Specialist has returned an amazing 106% return when buying and holding all recommended trades since 2008. You will immediately be trading like a professional from day one. The IPO Specialist knows this is a results based business, and the results speak for themselves. Derek will be personally recommending every trade to you as he is personally investing his money right alongside yours. Our members will receive a phone call when the live trade matches up, a text, and an email. You will also receive specific trade instructions on exactly how to place your trade online, or calling it into your broker. This is something that we feel, will truly change you and your families lives forever.

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We are one of the only investment newsletters, specializing exclusively in aftermarket IPO trading. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial dreams by providing sound investment strategies, consistent profitable results, extensive research, and personalized service. Every time we recommend a trade, you will be confident knowing the odds of making money are in your favor. You will also be educated and guided through the entire process – knowing when to buy, how to place the trade, and when to sell – to ensure you are empowered with the knowledge that you are investing wisely, in only growing companies with healthy balance sheets.

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  • 31 years of trading experience has revealed what strategies work and provides proven, back-dated data to support investment success
  • Specializing only in the retail aftermarket IPO trading industry offers you piece of mind and confidence knowing you are dealing with an expert
  • Supplying the exact buy and sell points to maximize profit and provide down-side protection with unlimited growth potential
  • Proprietary formula eliminates over 80% of all newly filed IPOs ensuring you are investing in only the strongest, most stable, and profitable companies entering the marketplace
  • Only IPO business model to provide upfront statistics about each trade so you will understand your odds of success before you participate
  • Providing the most extensive up-to-date research and bulletins to alert you of all IPO activities

You Deserve Huge Returns!

It’s time to have a tremendous amount of fun, and watch your money compound year after year, and crush the market. The IPO Specialist makes it so easy for you to build mind blowing wealth. You will only be in the cream of the crop of all new initial public offerings. You are getting in on the next Amazons (AMZN), Visa’s (V), Mastercards (MA), Microsoft’s (MSFT), and Facebooks (FB) of the world from the first day they enter the public market place. Take a brief moment to think about that, do not take my word for it, you want proof. Go back and type in the above symbols I have mentioned above and look at what has happened from the day they started trading. Exactly, it’s time to change your families, and their families’ lives forever. I welcome you personally to The IPO Specialist. God will bless you always! Derek Slate

“I did not even know it was possible to make these kind of returns in the stock market! Best of all, Derek does it all for you.” If you can read, you can place your trade, and watch your money grow.”

- Marie T.

“The IPO Specialist is the greatest trading service bar none in the world, I have tried every single trading platform known to man, and this is the best trading service with incredible results, bar none.

- Bob R.

“2017 was the first year I started using The IPO Specialist, and had a year that I could have never imagined, I made a 73% return in my first 12 months. I am so excited that I have discovered this service, it is the best I have known.

- Todd B.